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Anytime Supply Chain works as supply chain management (SCM) system, supply chain software, and a supply chain solution. Supply chain management is essential for the distributers and manufacturers of today's world. Many distributors and manufacturers are strictly using financial applications such as QuickBooks and Intacct Financials, even though these lack advanced supply chain management capabilities required by today's distribution and manufacturing businesses.

Anytime Supply Chain has many robust features, which include:

Production Entry Production Entry
After the fact production entry will remove raw materials from inventory with quantities of finished goods produced into inventory within your accounting system.
Sales Forecasting Sales Forecasting
Use Anytime Supply Chain to create sales forecasts by item, warehouse, customer, territory, or any combination of these elements. Forecasts can be entered manually or imported from a CSV or Microsoft Excel file.
eCommerce eCommerce
Anytime Commerce extends your accounting system’s order entry capabilities for online sales orders. It is designed specifically for the complex needs of business to business (B2B) ecommerce transactions where existing customers log-in to access customer specific pricing; to review previous purchase transactions and invoices. Business to consumer (B2C) orders are also supported.

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Anytime Supply Chain integrates with Intuit QuickBooks and Intacct Financials to bridge this gap between financial software and supply chain management. Other integrations include Epicor ERP, Sage 500 ERP, Sage 300 ERP, Sage 100 ERP and more. Anytime Supply Chain provides an integrated supply chain management system to manage sales forecasts, demand forecasts, bill of material, distribution requirements planning (DRP), MRP, product plans, production entry, online ecommerce storefront sales, and other advanced supply chain management and financial supply chain management features.

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Activities Costing
Manufacturing costs for raw materials and labor will be available within your accounting system’s General Ledger for analysis and financial reporting.
Demand Planning DRP/MRP Demand Planning
Utilize sales order demand, forecast demand, on-hand inventory, safety stock, and other information to determine what products to purchase or manufacture and when to place the order based on lead times and demand requirements.
Bill of Material Bill of Material (BOM)
Define raw materials and quantities required to produce finished goods inventory. Routings will define associated labor operations for the production of finished goods inventory.